The Currency now uses Chainlink oracles

2 min read  ·  18 Jan 2022

The Currency has become the first NFT project to use Chainlink oracles to price its NFTs across leading blockchains.

HENI is delighted to announce that Damien Hirst's The Currency is the first NFT project to use Chainlink oracles for pricing its NFTs across blockchains. HENI is using Chainlink’s industry-leading oracles on the Ethereum mainnet to provide up-to-date pricing values for the collection to decentralised finance (DeFi).

HENI has created a Chainlink oracle bringing pricing data onto the blockchain so that smart contracts can fetch the current value of The Currency NFTs at any given time. By bridging The Currency Price Index data on-chain, smart contract developers can use the pricing data in multiple ways, such as to build prediction markets around the floor price, launch lending markets with The Currency NFTs as collateral, or facilitate payments based on real-time exchange rates.

"The Currency is a functioning exploration of meaning and value in art, and especially in its use as a means of exchange. I believe 100% in a future where NFTs and DeFi become increasingly interlinked, and I’m excited and honoured to be at the forefront of these incredible developments with HENI and the release of The Currency oracle."

- Damien Hirst