MadC – Color Rhythms

4 min read  ·  18 May 2022

Celebrated graffiti artist, muralist, and designer MadC is bringing her vibrant and abstract visual language to NFTs for the first time.

Consisting of 1,000 unique NFTs, Color Rhythms innovatively combines a generative algorithm, machine learning, and hand curation in order to push the boundaries of MadC’s expressive compositions.

The application period for this drop opens Wednesday, 18 May and will last just under a week, closing at 2pm ET on Tuesday, 24 May.

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6. Very Bad News, MadC, 2022

A sophisticated generative algorithm was developed to recreate the components of MadC’s real-life work, including the application of colour, brushstrokes, paint spray, paint splashes, and paint drips. The algorithm generated thousands of randomly assembled images from which the artist selected the 1,000 pieces that would become unique NFTs. In keeping with MadC’s practice of referencing pop culture in the titles of her work, machine learning was used to process a set of movie titles, generate novel ones, and then assign them descriptively to the artworks.

MadC describes the collection as “a big experiment where hand-crafted art and AI meet to generate a beautiful and complex art project.”

The collection will be minted and distributed on the Palm blockchain, a token-powered ecosystem for NFTs which has a two-way bridge to Ethereum, features low gas costs, fast transaction finality, and is 99% more energy efficiency than proof of work systems.