Eugénie Paultre, Outline

Published 23rd April 2018

The first UK exhibition of French artist Eugénie Paultre, Outline presents a selection of 49 paintings and drawings created through 2016 and 17.

Paultre is an artist, poet and philosopher based in Paris. A master of colour, Paultre’s abstract works feature carefully selected lines of colour that create beautifully balanced and evocative visuals. Paultre applies the same philosophical insight and poetic prowess used in her academic and creative writing – she previously taught philosophy at the University of Paris, Sorbonne – to her painting, resulting in powerful, meditative works.

Paultre’s first artist’s monograph, also titled Outline, is published by HENI to coincide with the exhibition and will be on sale at the gallery for a discounted £40 (£50 through other outlets). The book features an extended list of works – 80 in total – alongside introductory texts by curator Emmanuel Daydé and Paultre herself, in both French and English.

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