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Monica Rizzolli's pioneering NFT work goes on show at LACMA

1 min read  ·  15 Mar 2023

Monica Rizzolli, Fragments of an Infinite Field (2021), courtesy of the artist.

Brazilian generative artist Monica Rizzolli, best known for her Art Blocks Curated Project, 'Fragments of an Infinite Field', is one of the top trending artists on HENI News after the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) acquired her work and put it on show.

Monica Rizzolli's HENI Score, a metric based on an artist's media coverage and the strength of their market, skyrocketed 131%. To follow the artist and find out more, check out Rizzolli's HENI News Dashboard.

Rizzolli's work was acquired by LACMA along with 21 NFT works by leading digital artists, making it one of the first NFT collections to join a North American art museum. The recent acquisition was part of a groundbreaking gift from the collector known as Cozomo de' Medici. One of Rizzolli’s works has gone on show at the Los Angeles art museum's Stark Bar.

Rizzolli's success as an artist has also caught the attention of the media. Her net worth reportedly grew by $5.4m in less than an hour after an NFT auction held through the Art Blocks platform. Time] The auction raised 1,623 ether, equivalent to around Brazilian R$ 28.4 million, and showcased Rizzolli's ability to meld digital art with blockchain technology. Play Crazy Game].

As a female artist in the predominantly male-dominated field of NFT art, Rizzolli has also become an inspiration for other women creating works in the digital space. She came to computer programming by way of printmaking. Her grandfather ran a print shop in Sao Paulo. After studying woodcut and lithography, she began using digital art and now algorithms to create vibrant visions inspired by the natural world.