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Five Artists in the News: Gerhard Richter Refuses to Be Pinned Down, Ai Weiwei Publishes a Graphic Memoir and Marilyn Minter on Her Pop Art Hero

3 min read  ·  30 Jan 2024

Gerhard Richter at David Zwirner. Copyright the artist. Photograph by Anna Arca

Gerhard Richter at David Zwirner. Copyright the artist. Photograph by Anna Arca

Gerhard Richter at David Zwirner in London could almost be a group show rather than feature work made by a single artist, writes crtic Adrian Searle in The Guardian’. The artist “won’t be pinned down, and he still wants to surprise himself, even as he approaches his 92nd birthday next month”.

When Marilyn Minter was growing up and she saw James Rosenquist in magazines showing him painting billboards in Times Square, she thought, "Wow, I could probably do that too," she tells Phillips, ahead of its auction of works from the estate of her Pop-art hero.

Ai Weiwei's eventful life and activism is now told as a graphic memoir. Called “Zodiac”, the exiled Chinese artist has co-created an illustrated biography, which is published by Ten Speed Press, Lit Hub provides a preview.

Hiroshi Sugimoto’s next solo show in New York will feature a new series of large-scale photographic prints of “white” light split into its seven constituent colours. It will be the Japanese artist’s first exhibition since joining Lisson Gallery. (HENI News)

Anu Põder’s cyborgian life forms have touched down at Muzeum Susch, Artnet News reports. The Estonian sculptor was little known internationally but her solo museum show, organized by Cecilia Alemani of New York’s High Line, is changing that.

Also in the news

A marker of the fierce intelligence of “Entangled Pasts”, the Royal Academy's high-anticipated exhibition about art and colonialism featuring works by artists including Hugh Locke and Sonia Boyce, is that the curators don’t merely point out the historical stuffiness of the RA. "They link the institution to more sinister and systemic biases," writes the Evening Standard