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NFT Update: Pudgy Toys released; Monthly NFT trading volume set to drop below $1b; plus weekly data

1 min read  ·  19 May 2023

Pudgy Toys.


  1. Pudgy Penguins has released its officially-licensed toy collection, Pudgy Toys, which are available to purchase on Amazon.
  2. Hong-Kong based crypto investment firm HashKey Group is looking to raise funds at a $1b valuation.
  3. Coinbase has launched a zero-fee trading subscription service, Coinbase One.
  4. Monthly NFT trading volume is on track to drop below $1b for the first time this year.
  5. Blur’s NFT lending platform Blend has surpassed 100,000 ETH in volume.
  6. A new Bitcoin NFT marketplace, DIBA, has gone live.


  1. The Top 5 NFT Sales over the past week were CryptoPunk #8188 for 98 ETH ($176k), Bored Ape Yacht Club #5151 for 82 ETH ($147k), Bored Ape Yacht Club #2333 for 74 ETH ($134k), CryptoPunk #5661 for 70 ETH ($127k), and Bored Ape Yacht Club #1008 for 70 ETH ($126k).
  2. The Top 5 NFT Collections by Volume over the past week were Mutant Ape Yacht Club with $23m (-4%), Bored Ape Yacht Club with $14.7m (-9%), CryptoPunks with $10.7m (-29%), Milady Maker with $8.1m (-69%), and Pudgy Penguins with $6.9m (+11%).
  3. The Top 5 NFT Marketplaces by Volume over the past week were Blur with $90.2m (-32%), OpenSea with $43.1m (-24%), X2Y2 with $6m (+6%), Immutable X Marketplace with $5.9m (-15%), and JPG Store with $1.2m (+8%).
  4. The Total Crypto Market Capitalisation is $1.17t, a 1% increase over the past week.