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NFT Update: Kraken launches NFT marketplace; Successful drop for Emily Xie; Plus Weekly Data

1 min read  ·  09 Jun 2023

Emily Xie, 'Interwoven', courtesy of the artist.


  1. Kraken has officially launched its NFT marketplace, with support for Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana collections.
  2. Crypto payments firm MoonPay gifted Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs to celebrities to promote its profile in 2021, according to sources close to the matter.
  3. NFT marketplace Foundation has launched a new Dynamic Pricing feature for NFT sales.
  4. Emilie Xie’s ‘Interwoven’, a 100-piece generative art collection created in partnership with LACMA, has risen to a floor price of 3.6 ETH after minting for 0.5 ETH.


  1. The Top 5 NFT sales over the past week were Azuki #9236 for 161 ETH ($307k), Azuki #7242 for 90 ETH ($167k), CryptoPunk #1741 for 85 ETH ($160k), CryptoPunk #9926 for 85 ETH ($153k), and CryptoPunk #4624 for 80 ETH ($151k).
  2. The Top 5 NFT Collections by Volume over the past week were Bored Ape Yacht Club with $30.2m (-8%), Azuki with $23.9m (+55%), Mutant Ape Yacht Club with $21.1m (-1%), BEANZ with $7.1m (+57%), and Gods Unchained with $6.9m (+8%).
  3. The Top 5 NFT Marketplaces by Volume over the past week were Blur with $106.8m (-11%), OpenSea with $42.6m (-15%), Immutable X Marketplace with $7.4m (-2%), LooksRare with $5.6m (+130%), and X2Y2 with $3.9m (-18%).
  4. The Total Crypto Market Capitalisation is $1.15t, a 4% decrease over the past week.