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NFT Update: Bitcoin collection tops charts; Metaverse ETF shuts down; plus market data

1 min read  ·  18 May 2023

Bitcoin Frogs.


  1. Bitcoin-based NFT collection Bitcoin Frogs was the top NFT collection by trading volume yesterday, surpassing all Ethereum-based collections.
  2. Subversive Capital’s Metaverse ETF, which launched in January 2022, is closing down.
  3. Venture capital firm Borderless Capital has launched a new $50m fund that will focus on cross-chain applications.
  4. Hardware wallet maker Ledger has come under further criticism after its support team said on Twitter that “it is and always has been possible” for the firm to extract users’ private keys.


  1. The Top 3 NFT Sales over the past 24 hours were Bored Ape Yacht Club #559 with 65 ETH ($118k), CryptoPunk #2381 for 59 ETH ($108k), and CryptoPunks #7505 for 56 ETH ($101k).
  2. The Top 3 NFT Collections by Volume over the past 24 hours were Bitcoin Frogs with $1.9m (+42%), Bored Ape Yacht Club $1.2m (-14%), and HV-MTL with $968k (+6%).
  3. The Top 3 NFT Marketplaces by Volume over the past 24 hours were Blur with $11.2m (-16%), OpenSea with $6.4m (-5%), and Immutable X Marketplace with $941k (+48%).
  4. The Total Crypto Market Capitalisation is $1.18t, a 1.5% increase over the past 24 hours.