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NFT photographer Justin Aversano teams up with National Geographic

1 min read  ·  16 Mar 2023

Justin Aversano, 'Twin Flames', courtesy of the artist.

Justin Aversano, 'Twin Flames', courtesy of the artist.

Justin Aversano, best known for his NFT collection 'Twin Flames', is one of the top trending NFT artists on HENI News after his National Geographic collaboration and Bitcoin-based NFT drop.

Justin Aversano, a pioneer in the world of NFT photography and physical exhibitions, saw his HENI Score increase an impressive 55% recently. To keep up to date with the artist, go to Justin Aversano's HENI News Dashboard

His impact in the NFT world extended beyond his solo work and gallery when he collaborated with National Geographic on their Genesis NFT Collection 'GM: Daybreak Around the World'.

'Twin Flames', Aversano's most famous project which consists of 100 portraits of twins, has generated over 5,900 ETH in total sales volume on OpenSea. Cointelegraph] In a groundbreaking sale, a single NFT and 100 prints from the collection sold for just over $1m at Christie's. In another first, Aversano is due to drop NFTs on the Bitcoin network with a collection titled, 'Colin in the Car'.

He has opened a physical gallery in Santa Monica through his company, Quantum, which shows works by other NFT photographers and artists.