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Jeff Koons' Moons Landing Will Be Live Streamed by NASA

3 min read  ·  22 Feb 2024

Jeff Koons’ Moon Phases. Copyright the artist

Jeff Koons’ Moon Phases. Copyright the artist

The lunar lander carrying Jeff Koons' Moons sculptures is due to land on the Moon at 5.49pm, Eastern Time, today, February 22, a historic event that NASA will live stream. You can watch the landing via NASA TV.

If the mission goes to plan Koons' Moons sculptures will be the first works of art permanently placed on the Moon.

Koons has created 125 miniature Moons sculptures, which are enclosed in a cube designed by the company 4SPACE, whose CEO Chantelle Baier came up with the idea of putting art on the Moon and invited Koons to join the project.

The lunar lander, named Odysseus, was launched aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from the Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, on February 15 after several delays. It is also carrying NASA science and technology instruments, which include the ability to carry out radio astronomy from the lunar surface.

Back on Earth, the Moons are paired with larger terrestial twins, and also linked to NFTs available through Pace Gallery’s Pace Verso.