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Jack Butcher makes the most of open edition NFTs

1 min read  ·  22 Mar 2023

Jack Butcher, 'Checks', courtesy of the artist.

Jack Butcher is a top trending NFT artist on HENI News after the success of his open edition NFT collection, 'Checks'.

Jack Butcher is a rising star in the NFT art world, highlighted by his HENI Score increasing by 114% recently. To keep up to date with the artist, check out his HENI News Dashboard.

Butcher first gained recognition with his 'Checks' NFT collection, which set a new tone for open edition NFTs after launching in early 2023. His work has been credited with reenergizing the NFT market and contributing to a sharp uptick in trading volume and total NFTs sold in January. Decrypt]

The artist describes his work as "visual philosophy," where he distils complex ideas into simple, visually striking images, reflecting his background in graphic design and branding. The founder of design studio Visualize Value, Butcher's work was recently showcased at an NFT party in Los Angeles hosted by hardware wallet maker Ledger and drinks brand Rosaluna Mezcal.