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Helen Cammock Weaves Together Voices of Struggle and Triumph

2 min read  ·  24 Apr 2023

Photo, Helen Cammock by Thierry Bal

British artist Helen Cammock, a joint Turner prize winner who explores Black identities through film, photography and performance, is trending on HENI News.

Helen Cammock's HENI Score shot up 214% after her solo show opened at fellow artist Mark Bradford’s Art + Practice LA. She also showed new work at the California African American Museum in Los Angeles, both of which coincided with the Frieze LA art fair. HENI Score is a unique artist index.

Check out Helen Cammock’s HENI Dashboard to find out more about the artist and gain a greater insight into her career.

Born in 1970, London- and Brighton-based Cammock is represented by Kate MacGarry gallery, London. While critically acclaimed, Cammock’s work has so far remained untested at auction.

This summer, Cammock is due to create a temporary work of public art in Brighton, her adoptive hometown, as well as takeover billboards in the seaside town.

In 2018, she became the seventh winner of the Max Mara Art Prize for Women, awarded by the Whitechapel Gallery, London. This led to her solo show at the Whitechapel and a new work based on her research into the links between jazz and the blues and Italian Baroque music of the 17th century.

In 2023, she published an artist’s book titled “I Will Keep My Soul” partly based on Cammock’s research into New Orleans’ history and work there of the US sculptor and Civil Rights activist Elizabeth Catlett (1915-2012), in particular her bronze monument celebrating Louis Armstrong in the city.

In an interview with The Talks about her project “Radio Ballads” at London’s Serpentine Gallery, Cammock said: “I need to use other people's voices because actually, the singular voice is not what I'm interested in. Particularly, I'm interested in this idea of the weaving and the connections and the intersections between us.”