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Five Artists in the News: Mickalene Thomas Love Bombs LA and Damien Hirst’s Archangels Take Flight

3 min read  ·  23 Apr 2024

Mickalene Thomas photographed in her New York studio by Jason Schmidt for Wallpaper.

London: Gerhard Richter will unveil a public sculpture on Thursday, April 25, in London’s Kensington Gardens. The new work, STRIP-TOWER, will be on view until the fall.

Market: Damien Hirst has released The Archangels, a limited edition print cased on his “Cherry Blossom” series. HENI

Vienna: Gustav Klimt’s portrait of an unknown woman could sell for $32m in Vienna tomorrow at im Kinsk auction house.

Los Angeles: Mickalene Thomas’s touring museum show is all about love, she tells Wallpaper magazine. The exhibition opens at the Broad and then travels to Philadelphia and London.

Venice: Shahzia Sikander’s solo show has opened in a Venice palazzo to coincide with the Biennale. Instagram

"‘Everything from the placement of lamps to the textures on the sofas that my models sit on are meant to evoke a narrative and a shared womanly experience that is recalled as a child.’ Michelene Thomas on her larger-than-life collages heading to the Broad, LA. "

- Wallpaper

On this day

On April 23, 1937, German aircraft carpet bombed the town of Guernica in the Spanish Civil War. Picasso, who was in Paris, read about the devastation and death toll, prompting the artist to create his famous painting about the horrors of modern warfare.

Gerhard Richters, STRIP-TOWER (2023) heads to London's Kensington Gardens. © 2024, Gerhard Richter. Photo by Prudence Cuming Associates