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Five Artists in the News: Jenny Holzer Lights Up the Guggenheim, Picasso’s $18M Portrait of Dora Maar and Why Louise Bonnet Feels ‘Robbed’

3 min read  ·  30 Apr 2024

Jenny Holzer is due to illuminate Frank Lloyd Wright’s museum with texts about peace for the opening of her solo show, May 16–20. Copyright the artist, courtesy of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation.

New York: Jenny Holzer’s 1989 installation returns to the rotunda of the Guggenheim, from 18 May. Works, such as Truisms, will be revived thanks to a Bank of America conservation grant.

Los Angeles: Louise Bonnet says she feels “robbed” by her former gallerist, Nino Mier, who is accused of shortchanging artists. Four ex-staffers have told The Art Newspaper Nino Mier Gallery increased its share of sales at the expense of artists.

New York: Picasso's portrait of his lover Dora Maar, which he kept in his personal collection, makes its auction debut. Buste de femme au chapeau (1939) could sell for $18m at Phillips on May 14.

Venice: Koo Jeong A has captured the smells of Korea for the country’s pavilion at the Biennale. “Odorama Cities" includes the scent of old electronics, she tells Vogue magazine.

São Paulo: Elenore Koch was a German-Brazilian painter whose figurative works were underappreciated. The critical tide has turned six years after her death with a survey show at MAC USP, the University of São Paulo's museum.

"‘I really want to ... try to heal myself by painting. I think I could actually do it.’ Keith Haring worked non-stop after he was diagnosed with AIDS/HIV, creating a ‘sex-positive paean to a golden age of promiscuity’, writes his biographer, Brad Gooch, in Radiant: The Life and Line of Keith Haring. "

- The New Republic

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On April 30, 1883, Édouard Manet died, aged 51. One of his last paintings was Two Roses, a poignant still life. It is now on show at MoMA, among the works donated by William “Bill” Paley, the founder of CBS.

Keith Haring in his New York studio. Photography by Tseng Kwong Chi. Copyright the artist/Muna Tseng Dance Projects Inc. Art courtesy of the Keith Haring Foundation.