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Five Artists in the News: Hirst’s Big Show, O’Keeffe’s Urban Art and Luc Tuymans Heads to the Louvre

3 min read  ·  21 May 2024

Richard-Prince, Untitled The Velvets (2007) will be one of the works in Damien Hirst’s collection going on show in “DOMINION” at his Newport Street Gallery. Copyright Richard Prince

London: Highlights from Damien Hirst art collection going on show at his Newport Street Gallery will include Marcus Harvey’s controversial portrait of Myra Hindley, The Art Newspaper reports.

NFT: Yuga Labs revealed Nina Chanel Abney's Super Punks World NFT collection on Monday but plans for an auction have been dropped after a social media backlash that it is too "woke", R/Scene reports

Chicago: Georgia O’Keeffe’s urban paintings go on show at the Art Institue in the exhibition “My New Yorks”, which is due to open on June 2.

Paris: Luc Tuymans will create four large-scale paintings that are due to go on temporary display in the Louvre amid the museum’s French paintings.

Berlin: Alexandra Piricipresents a major new site-specific installation with live performative action and music at the Hamburger Bahnhof, a special commission for the main hall of the railway station turned contemporary art museum.

"‘I’m not a big fan of chocolate but I used to like Baby Ruths,’ Ed Ruscha, the artist of The Chocolate Room, tells NPR."