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Five Artists in the News: Why Betye Saar and Kehinde Wiley Embrace Darkness, the 2024 Turner Prize Nominees and JR Brings the Orient Express to Venice

3 min read  ·  24 Apr 2024

Betye Saar’s installation Drifting Toward Twilight at the Huntington. Credit Betye Saar, via the Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens. Photo by Joshua White, New York Times

London: Pio Abad, Claudette Johnson, Jasleen Kaur and Delaine Le Bas are the four 2024 Turner Prize nominees.

Los Angeles: Betye Saar's installations at the Huntingdon and Kehinde Wiley’s exhibition in Houston are two examples of leading artists using dramatic darkness creatively, writes the Times.

Market: Futura 2000’s Indian Summer was the star lot in Christie’s $2.04M Online Sale. For more auction highlights, see the HENI News report.

Market: Aref El-RayessThe World of Petrol (1973) sold for $564,300, a new auction record for the Lebanese Modernist. It is a 275% increase on his previous record. HENI News

Budapest: Robert Capa is just one of the many notable emigre Hungarian photographers who brought Modernism to America. They are celebrated in a show now on view at the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest.

"‘It’s one of the carriages that has had 1,000 lives.” JR explains why he has lovingly restored a vintage Orient Express train carriage and floated it on a barge in Venice during the Biennale."

- Agence France Presse