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Five Artists in the News: Wendy Red Star’s Little Helper, Thomas Demand Gets Inside Bill Gate’s College Dorm and Remembering Art Dealer Extraordinaire Barbara Gladstone

3 min read  ·  18 Jun 2024

Installation view of Wendy Red Star’s “In the Shadow of Paper Mountains” at Gathering London. Copyright the artist. Image courtesy of Gathering London.

New York: Barbara Gladstone, a leading gallerist who represented artists ranging from Keith Haring to Matthew Barney, has died. She was 89.

Brussels: Wim Delvoye leads Bonhams Cornette de Saint Cyr 'Belgian & Contemporary Art' auction. For all the highlights, see the HENI News report

Bern: Tracey Rose has accused the Kunstmuseum Bern of censoring the phrase “Stop the Muslim Holocaust” in her 2012 video, when on show at the Swiss institution, ARTnews reports.

Houston: Thomas Demand’s retrospective opens soon at the Museum of Fine Arts, including his photographic reconstruction of Bill Gates’ dorm at Harvard.

Museum: Milton Avery and Joana Vasconcelos' works will help inaugurate MICAS, the Malta International Contemporary Art Space, which is due to open in October, Malta Today reports.

"‘My daughter, who will soon be 17, has been a huge influence on my art journey. We started collaborating when she was seven, and although she retired at 11, she occasionally comes out of retirement for special projects.’ Wendy Red Star on her solo show “In the Shadow of Paper Mountains”, which is now on view at Gathering London."

- Something Curated