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Five Artists in the News: Keith Haring Unlimited, Deborah Kass’s OY/YO Vandalized and the Day Andy Warhol Nearly Died

3 min read  ·  03 Jun 2024

Keith Haring, Untitled (FDR NY) #5-22 (1984). Copyright the artist’s estate. Image courtesy of Art Basel

Basel: A section of Keith Haring’s 300-foot-long mural, Untitled (FDR NY) #5-22 (1984), will be a highlight of the Unlimited section of Art Basel, presented by Gladstone Gallery and Martos Gallery.

New York: Deborah Kass’s sculpture outside the Brooklyn Museum, OY/YO, was vandalized during a pro-Palestine demonstration.

Singapore: Lisa Reihana's kinetic mural, inspired by traditional South East Asian and Maori designs, has been unveiled at the National Gallery of Singapore.

London: Flora Yuknovich reflects on her meteoric rise, which saw a painting from her graduate show selling at auction for nearly $2.4m. Vogue

Paris: A painting by Monet was attacked by a climate activist targeting the Musée d’Orsay again.

"‘While it’s happening you’re like, dang, I want my stuff to blow up like that, But the mature side of me understands to play the long game.’ Hugo McCloud, who has a solo show at Sean Kelly Gallery, New York, keeps his feet on the ground as his works are snapped up by collectors."

- The New York Times

On this day

On June 3, 1968, Andy Warholwas shot by the radical feminist Valerie Solanas. The artist was deemed clinically dead but Dr Giuseppe Rossi, who was working at Manhattan's Columbus Hospital that day, saved Warhol’s life on the operating table. Warhol gave the doctor a complete set of Campbell’s Soup II screenprints, as a token of gratitude.