Introducing HENI News

Our new art and NFT news service

HENI News was born out of a desire to provide an easy and simple way for people to get all of the art and NFT news that they need from one place.

Using the latest machine learning technology, we aggregate and structure thousands of sources to bring together all the latest art and NFT news. Each source on HENI News is sorted and tagged under one of the following categories: Drops, Market, Museum, Legal, Moves, Shows and Profiles. The articles are then tagged again, based on the artists, cities, and organisations they refer to.

Our tagging system makes it easy to curate your news-reading experience by filtering the feed for articles on topics that interest you and saving your favourite artist and location tags.

We’ve created 100,000 unique and proprietary artist and location dashboards, which show you the latest news on that artist or city at a glance, with metrics (including the HENI Score) and a graph that lets you know how those metrics change over time.

The HENI Score (also known as the HENI Sentiment Score) for an artist or city is calculated on a weekly or monthly timescale. We combine auction sales results, NFT sales results, news mentions, news sentiment, social mentions, exhibitions and shows to produce an overarching metric indicating, broadly, the current sentiment regarding an artist or location. These scores, on a scale of 0 to 100, provide a means of tracking the shifts in sentiment about an artist or location over time.

As well as news stories, HENI News also compiles publicly available auction data, both on and off chain, for your convenience. This data is used to calculate the ‘Market’ figure on artist and location dashboards. It is also viewable in individual sources, which can be accessed by clicking the ‘Market’ metric below the chart on a dashboard.

HENI News is an ongoing project with many ideas in the pipeline. We’re excited to be welcoming you on this journey with us, and to be shaping the future of art and NFT news.

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