Damien Hirst - Sunshine (Complex Relationships Explained Simply)

Damien Hirst - Sunshine (Complex Relationships Explained Simply)

12 October – 31 December 2021

Sunshine (Complex Relationships Explained Simply)

The new exhibition by groundbreaking artist Damien Hirst, Sunshine (Complex Relationships Explained Simply) is presented by HENI on the eve of Frieze 2021 to launch the new Claridge’s ArtSpace. Featuring a group of works shown together for the first time, namely the artist’s iconic pipe cleaner animals and colour charts, the exhibition is on view from 12 October to 31 December 2021.

Hirst’s pipe cleaner animals speak to one of his core values: that everyone is an artist. Playful and larger-than-life, these works aim to bring out a child-like joy in art appreciators and lend a sense of exuberance to the gallery that is matched by the vibrancy of his colour chart series. A long-time collector of colour charts, Hirst revels in the comforting simplicity and endless possibilities of a world where colours are ready-made to be selected, like candies from a pick-n-mix. These oversized, sculptural replications of charts from Hirst’s collection immerse the viewer in a world of colour, inviting them to lose themselves in vast colour-spaces and the imaginative names given to them.

Works in the exhibition are available for purchase directly through HENI. Visitors to the exhibition also receive exclusive commemorative HENI Attendance Tokens (HATs), issued for the first time in conjunction with this show.

Exhibition dates: 12 October – 31 December 2021
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday, 10am–6pm
Location: Claridge's Art Space, Brook Street, London W1K 4HR
Admission: Free