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NVDR1 - Rubikcubism

HENI Editions is delighted to present Rubikcubism by Invader. The drop features four colour-filled prints from Invader’s acclaimed series of artworks using Rubik’s Cubes.

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The Currency Unique Prints

Damien Hirst

H11 - The Currency Unique Prints

These 1,000 unique prints show close-up details from The Currency artworks by Damien Hirst.


Peter Doig

D1 - Zermatt

Based on a selection of paintings produced during his time in Zermatt, Switzerland, Peter Doig’s ‘Zermatt’ (D1, 2022) series triumphantly marks the artist’s return to snowscapes for the first time since the 1990s. Combining the real with the imagined, the ‘Zermatt’ works depict six filmic narratives based on Doig’s experiences within the idyllic Swiss resort time and constitute the artist’s first thematic series of works.

The Empresses

Damien Hirst

H10 - The Empresses

‘The Empresses’ (H-10, 2022) marks a new iteration in Damien Hirst’s exploration of the butterfly as a symbol for freedom, religion, life and death. A series of five laminated Giclée prints on aluminium composite, screen printed with glitter, each print depicts images of red and black butterfly wings, arranged into a unique kaleidoscope-like pattern. The carefully positioned wings appear mobile and their patterns transform, each print seeming to capture the butterflies in moments of variously directional flight.

Les Falaises du Trocadéro


JR1 - Les Falaises du Trocadéro

In May 2021, JR revealed an immense interactive installation at Paris’s iconic Eiffel Tower, titled ‘Les Falaises du Trocadéro’ (‘The Cliffs of the Trocadéro’). Leading up to the landmark were meticulously positioned pieces of paper that, when viewed from a specific vantage point, made up a huge monochrome image of a terrifying gorge, plunging underneath the Eiffel Tower down to a Parisian street.

The Virtues

Damien Hirst

H9 - The Virtues

In 2021, Damien unveiled ‘The Virtues’ (H9), his second print series after his “garish and messy and fragile” ‘Cherry Blossoms’ (2018-20) paintings. The monumental canvases have been translated here into a vivid series of eight laminated Giclée prints on aluminium composite panels which captures the ephemeral, colourful blooms on sprawling tree branches.

Fruitful & Forever

Damien Hirst

H8 - Fruitful & Forever

Derived from his immersive ‘Cherry Blossoms’ paintings (2018-20), Damien Hirst’s ‘Fruitful & Forever’ (H8, 2020) series brings viewers up close to the personalities of his delectably tactile swathes of colourful paint. Composed of a series of four laminated Giclée prints on aluminium composite panels, ‘Fruitful & Forever’ captures two passages of bright, abstracted details from the painting series, both produced in a small and large version.

Rainbow Editions

Damien Hirst

H7 - Rainbow Editions

In the spring of 2020 at a time of great fear, isolation and devastation, Damien Hirst released ‘Rainbow Editions’ (H7), a hopeful series of rainbow butterfly prints. A charity fundraiser in support of the COVID-19 response effort, ‘Rainbow Editions’ fuses Hirst’s iconic butterfly motif with the rainbow, what became in Britain a symbol for peace, support of the NHS and collective strength.

The Elements

Damien Hirst

H6 - The Elements

Named after earth, air, fire and water, Damien Hirst’s ‘The Elements’ (H6, 2020) is a pictorial exploration of the ancient theory that the universe was composed of these four elements, which were required to remain in perfect equilibrium to achieve peace, balance humours and ensure the free flowing of spiritual energy.


Gerhard Richter

P19 - Cage

Gerhard Richter’s series of six ‘Cage’ prints (P19, 2020) were based off his monumental ‘Cage Paintings’, created in 2006. For the Gagosian Gallery premiere in June 2021 they were accompanied by a recital featuring rock icon Patti Smith. “Everybody has a song which is no song at all”, said Smith. “It is a process of singing and when you sing you are where you are”. Her evocative words capture the essence of the exchange between the painting and print.

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